Grow a Healthy,
Happy Team Culture

Introducing the Leadership Workshop Series,
a new offering from Headspace Health

Headspace Health’s Leadership Workshop Series helps leaders and employees build a culture of mindfulness and resilience together, supporting mental health and focus in the workplace. These interactive one-hour workshops empower leaders to engage in self-care and build cultures of growth, empathy, and compassion. If you’re looking to learn more about these workshops, please speak to your Headspace Health Client Executive or contact us here.

The Leadership Workshop Series

Mindful Leadership

Designed to help leaders of all levels develop a culture of compassion.

The program is delivered in two workshops: Self-Compassion and Compassion to Others

Healthy Teams Collection

Provides actionable strategies for people managers at all levels to help their teams thrive.

The program is delivered in two workshops: Bounce Back from Burnout and the Art of the Check-In Conversation.


These single workshops help leaders address critical challenges on the topics of Self-Compassion and Bounce Back from Burnout.